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Raffle Winners

by Fleet Park Little League, 2017-06-08T08:23:52-07:00June 08 2017, at 08:23 AM PDT

Thank you all that participated in the raffle.. the following are the winners
1st place- Adam Charity
2nd place- Mike McGarity and Kitty McLean
3rd place- Bill Garrett, Peter Buryk, Penny Steenrod, Gail Lamping and Robin Leitner.

All winners have been notified.

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2017-03-18 12:27 PDT by Fleet Park Little League

Another option has been added for sweatshirts.. gold Fleet Park sweatshirt are for sale as well as blue. Please contact Tim Vohar at tmvohar@gmail.com
Order is going in Sunday.

Get your Fleet Park Hooded Sweatshirt

2017-03-06 08:22 PST by Fleet Park Little League

IT is still cold out there, Get your fleet park hooded sweatshirt. Some of you signed up for one at tryouts, but we still need a few more to make the order!!!
Contact Tim Vohar at tmvohar@gmail.com Comes i... [more]

A Couple of Thoughts

2015-04-03 03:24 PDT (Spring 2015) by Tim Vohar (0 Comments)

Parents of Rookie Coach Pitch Players,
It has been a slow start to the season with the late winter weather. I hope you are as happy to watch baseball, as I am to be coaching and the players playing. As we h... [more]

Coach Pitch Rules

2015-03-15 09:20 PDT (Spring 2015) by Tim Vohar

1. Players who are League Age 6-8 are eligible to participate in Coach Pitch. The Coach Pitch Division is comprised of the Veteran Division and the Rookie Division. All games and practices shall be conducted within each respective division. No inter-division... [more]

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No recent activity Helpful Parent Tips
Hello and Welcome to Fleet Park Coach Pitch, Veteran (VCP) and Rookie (RCP) Divisions, My name is Tim Vohar. I am the Fleet Park Board of Director’s member in charge of Coach Pitch and Uniforms. I previously served as the member in charge of T-Ball. I have two boys in baseball at Fleet Park. Andrew, 11, who I coach in Majors (Angels) and Aiden, 5 (league age 6), who I coach in RCP (Reading Fightin’ Phils). This will be my 25th year coaching, 8 years coaching youth baseball, and my 7th year at Fleet Park. MANAGER-COACHES Coaching CP with me this year will be VCP Clay Winn, Logan Carraway, Tommy Van Hoose, Chris Moylan, RCP Mike Cutter, Mark LaBaire/Seth& Laurwn Ervin, Chris Mason, Brad Moragn and Donnie BAiley/Jim Harris. Additionally each Manager will need two assistant coaches per game and to help run practices. TEAM PARENT(S) We will need one team parent per game when your team is batting to help the on field coaches maintain the dugout and prep the players to bat. In addition the team parent will be responsible for the league wide fundraising raffle tickets and the end of the season party. We strongly discourage snacks during the course of the season due to the increasing and high amount of allergies, team parents should communicate with the team manager. FIELD MAINTENANCE The home team is responsible for making sure the field is in playable condition, i.e. no trash, rocks, holes, etc. and that the field is chalked. (The outfield lines should not be chalked. They will be spray painted.) The visiting team is responsible for raking and dragging the field. The coaches have volunteered to coach not perform field maintenance. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure the field maintenance is performed. Coaches and managers are getting your players ready to play before the games and getting the teams out of the dugouts so we can get the next game started on time. So please make sure you help the coaches with field maintenance. PRACTICES and GAMES Most teams will practice one day a week. Most teams will have two games a week, one on Tuesday or Wednesday and one on Saturday. I will be on either the coach pitch, Field 4,5,7, or Majors, Field 3 most Saturdays, if you need me. SNACK BAR Every team will be assigned several snack bar slots during the course of the season. They will be DURING our assigned game times. If your child’s team does not have the required amount of volunteers during your assigned time slot and you were assigned the shift your player may not play in the game. BATTING HELMETS Every batter at Fleet Park must wear a batting helmet while holding a bat by the handle. In Coach Pitch facemasks are required. I’d like to touch on a subject that makes some of us squeamish, myself included, Lice. Three seasons ago Fleet Park had to dispose of a pick-up truck full of helmets and catchers gear. Fleet Park has a limited supply of communal helmets available. Because some parents will buy their player their own helmet we ask that you clearly mark the back of the helmet with the child’s first and last name and we ask that players that don’t have their own helmet not borrow a player’s personal helmet. All Fleet Park helmets will be labeled. So if you end up with one accidently please let me know. We do strongly recommend each player having their own helmet though. Fleet Park has a sponsorship agreement with Norfolk Baseball Academy , 702 22nd Street, and they are selling helmets from $15.00 to $25.00. UNIFORMS The players will receive a hat and t-shirt as part of their registration. Pant color for all players is gray. It is recommended for most players of the RCP age purchase tie baseball pants without belt loops. However that is not a requirement, and most VCP will wear pants with belts. If you buy drawstring pants belts are not used. Additionally most of the players pants will be so long the socks won’t be seen. That is your call TIME COMMITMENT Each team will have 8-9 players. The breakdowns will easily be shared among all the parents, so please sign up with your manager for your role in helping make your child’s youth baseball experience possible (1)Manager – 10-12 days of practice, 14-20 games, 1-2 nights of duty official, organizing practices, attending coaches meetings, attending coaches’ clinics. (2)Asst. Coach – 10-12 days of practice. 14-20 games (2)Team Parent – 14-20 games. Raffle tickets. Organize end of season party. (2-4) Snack Bar – 1-2 days (usually one weekend and one weeknight for a 3hr shift (2-4) Field Maintenance – 7-10 field preps and 7-10 field clean-ups Helpful Info It is my goal to have us all work as a joint force to help the players have a great experience. Little League Baseball Parents Information If you have any questions please feel free to email me at tmvohar@gmail.com or text or call me at 757.288.9504.
Last Post: March 15, 2015 at 09:27pm pdt Started By: Tim Vohar


No recent activity Coach Pitch Rules
1. Players who are League Age 6-8 are eligible to participate in Coach Pitch. The Coach Pitch Division is comprised of the Veteran Division and the Rookie Division. All games and practices shall be conducted within each respective division. No inter-divisional games or practices will be allowed. 2. The “Official Regulations and Playing Rules,” latest edition, for all divisions of Little League Baseball shall govern all games except as amended or supplemented below. 3. Games should be no longer than 6 innings. No new inning shall start after 1:30 minutes. Four innings constitutes a legal game. 4. The coach or manager for each team shall pitch to his/her players. (Note: A coach or manager may elect to have another able adult pitch in their place if necessary.) A player will be delivered a maximum of 6 pitches. If after 6 pitches the batter does not put the ball in play, he/she shall be considered to have struck out. If a player fouls the 6th (or subsequent pitches) he/she shall continue as a batter. 5. The team at bat will remain at bat until three outs are recorded or the team at bat scores 6 runs. 6. The “10 Run Rule” will be in effect for all Coach Pitch division games. 7. Each team will put 9 defensive players on the field. a. The coach/pitcher must pitch from the pitcher plate or behind the pitcher plate. b. Pitching distance will be 35 feet for the minimum and 40 feet as the maximum, no underhand pitching. The player pitcher will be equal to the coach pitcher in distance from the plate and will be have one foot on/in the pitchers area to start the play. The defensive coaches may align the pitcher on either the left or right side of the mound. c. Outfielders must remain on the outfield grass until the ball is put in play. RCP EXCEPTION: A catcher will not be utilized until the mid-point of the season to insure proper time for instruction and practice. 8. Batters & runners can advance on a ball in play until the ball is received by an infielder and under control. Under control Definition: An infielder has control of the ball and does not make a baseball play on the runner/batter. An infielder may continue the play by attempting to put out a runner by tagging or throwing to another defensive player. Runners advance at their own risk until the play is declared over by the umpire. RCP EXCEPTION: A ball thrown by an outfielder into the infield but not possessed by an infielder will be called dead by the coach pitcher acting as the umpire, until the midpoint of the season when the possession by an infielder rule is in full effect. A ball possessed by an outfielder in the infield is still a live ball. 9. Each team's batting lineup shall consist of the entire roster of players present and eligible to play. No player shall sit out more than two consecutive innings. Rotate the players in the defensive positions every 2 innings. FPLL strongly recommends that all players on a team be given the opportunity to play at least ½ of every game. 10. Fleet Park Little League, under Official Rule 4.04, has adopted the policy of the continuous batting order for all members of the roster present for the game. 11. Fleet Park Little League has adopted the policy of allowing two adult base coaches in accordance with Official Rule 4.05. 12. If a team does not have 9 players, they will “borrow” a defensive player(s), using the rule that the last player who made an out is the first “borrowed” player. Any additional “borrowed” player(s) will be taken in order from the last out. 13. Umpires a. The offensive coach (pitching or behind the mound) is the head umpire, and will make “under control” rulings. He/She may defer to a base coach for close plays that may better seen by 1st/3rd base coaches. The coach pitcher/umpire may not coach, by physical or verbal cues, after they have released the ball towards the plate. b. Defensive coach is responsible for accurate pitch counting. 14. Sliding. All runners must slide into any base (except 1st) if there is going to be a defensive play at the base. The requirement to slide is intended to reduce the chance of injury when both runner and defensive player are most vulnerable. The head umpire shall make the call regarding sliding in conjunction with a play at a base. 15. Coaches in the field will only be allowed in Rookie Coach Pitch Division. 16. Games that were cancelled or postponed will be rescheduled as time permits. 17. All helmets will have face masks.
Last Post: March 15, 2015 at 09:19pm pdt Started By: Tim Vohar


No recent activity Rookie Coach Pitch Equipment
As you transition out of T Ball here is a list of equipment you may need to consider: No T Ball bats. Bats must be sized to your child in weight & length & in good shape. Hand me downs are fine. Cleats. You are transitioning to a dirt infield. Athletic support is optional at this level, but never too early to get them used to it. Helmet, if you want your own, go for it. Face shield on helmet at this level. League provides some for team to share. Bag to carry it all. Grey knee length pants, unless otherwise stated. Socks to match team colors. Belt to match team colors. Shirt and hat are provided by the league. Names clearly marked on all belongings.
Last Post: January 20, 2014 at 06:39am pst Started By: Sally Walker



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